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Transform the way your organization works with a refined business strategy and see the impact on your bottom line.

Our Approach to Business Strategy Consulting

TechSolve's business strategy uses Scaling Up, a strategic planning, performance platform based on the ten Rockefeller habits designed to help companies “Scale-Up” successfully in four main areas: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash. Focusing on these key areas in turn yields:

More Money:  2x industry average profitability; 3x cash flow; 10x valuation
More Time:  Reduce the time it takes to manage the business by 80%
More Fun:  Support the Leadership Team to speed the process and take the load off
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Drive Sustainable Business Growth

There are four decisions, in growing your business, that you must get right or risk leaving significant revenues, profits, and time on the table. Working with TechSolve, Scaling Up address the Four Decisions® methodology every company must get right: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash.

When you align your business strategy and goals with people, processes, technology and data, you have the ability to optimize and improve the way you operate, and as your strategic partner, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.


Attract and keep the right people. Are the employees, customers, and shareholders happy and engaged in the business? Would you “re-hire” all of them? Do you have the right people doing the right things inside the organization?


Create a truly differentiated strategy. Can you state your firm’s strategy simply? Is it driving sustainable growth in revenue and gross margin?


Drive flawless execution. Are all processes running without drama and driving industry leading execution?


Have plenty of cash to support growth. Do you know how long it takes between when you spend a dollar until you get that dollar back?

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Steve Bebko

Senior Business Advisor, Scaling Up Certified Coach

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