Manufacturing Process Development

TechSolve has over 35 years of experience helping manufacturers perfect their manufacturing processes and technology development. This can include defining or refining the ways to produce products, digitizing traditionally analog methods, evaluating and implementing advanced manufacturing technologies, and bringing new technologies and processes to the manufacturing floor.

Cost Analysis / Part Cost Reduction

Identify the cost drivers of manufactured products and define ways to optimize your process, maximize efficiencies and produce the most cost-effective parts by analyzing raw material costs, manufacturing costs, labor, overhead, process review, alternative approaches and profit margins to identify the appropriate cost of your part or manufacturing expense.


Reduce overall production costs with the application of Design for Manufacturing (DFM), a method by which parts are designed for ease of fabrication and commonality with other designs. DFM involves standardizing materials and components, minimizing part counts, designing for efficient assembly, simplifying and reducing the number of manufacturing operations and creating modular assemblies.

Equipment Selection

Identify the ideal equipment needed for your specific application requirements through an assessment of your entire process, production environment and (when appropriate) the manufacturing and machining processes needed to produce a particular product.

Industrial Engineering

Ensure that ‘on-machine’ time is value-added by identifying all non-value added activities ‘across and within’ machine intensive production processes through a thorough evaluation of the entire production process AND machine parameters (like setup time, speed and feeds, Fixturing, and work materials).

Turn-Key Support

At TechSolve, we pride ourselves on being a total manufacturing and machining solutions provider, serving our manufacturing customers every step of the way as needed. From advanced machining consulting to connecting equipment and improving critical processes, TechSolve is a hands-on advisor and partner eager to share our deep knowledge and expertise to help you grow.

Supplier Development

Find and retain the best suppliers to meet your needs and deliver quality products, on time, at the right price / should cost. Our experience in supplier development and relationship management can help you drastically improve the reliability and flexibility of your supply base and ensure successful, interdependent risk-sharing partnerships.


TechSolve can build a prototype from an engineered design or 3D model for concept evaluation and testing in its final design prior to first article or limited production. Prototyping can also be a valuable method for determining manufacturing and life cycle costs.

First Article & Limited Production

Identify if your current design is ready for mass production by using a limited production run to test your new concept or market.

Let's Work Together

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