Reverse Engineering

Using the latest technologies and design engineering platforms, we are able to work backwards from an existing product to generate usable CAD/CAM files for the most highly complex, obsolete and discontinued parts, as well as provide turnkey support. Additionally, TechSolve works with you to devise and document reliable processes for repeatable future part creation.

2D Drawing Creation

Our engineers are capable of generating accurate, manufacturing-ready 2D drawings that save time and reduce costs. DFM ready parts start with a clear 2D drawing with pertinent information like material type, dimensions and tolerance range, surface finish requirements and whole sizes.

3D Model Creation

3D modeling can accelerate manufacturing and inspection processes, effectively depicting design intent while providing necessary product definition, geometric dimensions and tolerances (GD&T) for an engineered product. Creating full 3D models can verify fit or assembly, and guide design, simulation and manufacturing.

First Article

First article production helps validate that the production process is correct and can reliably mass produce parts to spec as designed. Furthermore, it ensures adherence to tolerances and final product quality prior to mass production runs.

Limited Production

TechSolve can help you satisfy low volume requirements, test new concepts or markets using limited production runs before larger volumes are justified or required.

Let's Work Together

We develop solutions that do not disrupt your shop floor.