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The first video of the series, “What Can Force Analysis Tell You About Your Machining Process?,” details what poorly performing cuts and their cutting force profiles reveal about the machining process. Force analysis can be used to show where the problem area is located within a specific step, as this video details.

Many manufacturers measure cutting forces through the spindle load meter. However, this practice can be inaccurate, leading to failure in the manufacturing process. This first video particularly demonstrates force profiles of gradual tool failure, cutting with an incorrect rake angle, and the development of a built-up edge or worn tool.

At TechSolve, we have the ability to measure forces with greater accuracy through a three-component dynamometer. Using a process with the greatest possible efficiency and effectiveness is necessary so that we can provide the highest quality assistance to manufacturers struggling with monitoring their processes.

Choosing the incorrect tool for a cut, using the incorrect coating, operating with the incorrect chipbreaker or any other number of small decisions can lead to inconsistencies and failure within the machining process. Monitoring with more depth through the three-component dynamometer helps to find the problem, leading to the solution, leading to the greatest possible consistency and reliability.