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This summer, TechSolve is pleased to welcome four new interns to the team. Matthew, Kevin, Jared, and Brandon are all very bright individuals who bring very different perspectives to the TechSolve. They embody many of TechSolve’s core values, and we’re passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise of the manufacturing industry with them. As a way to recognize them, we’ve written the 2021 TechSolve Intern Spotlight.

Interns from left to right: Jared Brancatelli, Matthew Smith, Kevin Heller, Brandon Odell

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith – Cybersecurity Research Intern

Matthew is a student at the CECH within the University of Cincinnati studying information technology. He has held positions in both IT and Computer Maintenance while he’s been in school. At TechSolve, Matt works with the Cybersecurity team to help clients be compliant and reach specific security standards. He also researches IT solutions and strives to find a solution to fit any problem.

Matt strives to work in network administration, and plans to use the full potential of his IT degree. He is very passionate about security automation scripting, and integrating new technologies into his cybersecurity work. He enjoys problem-solving, penetration testing, and snowboarding. When asked to describe himself, the reoccurring theme was his ability to be self-sufficient, and his drive to make technology function the same way.

“My favorite tasks are the problems that require intuitive thinking; when I get to automate a boring job, or search for the best possible security solution, that’s when I’m at my best.”

Kevin Heller – Ohio MEP Intern

Kevin is a Management Information Systems and Business Analytics double-major at Ohio University. He has worked in business advisory and customer service in a prior position. Kevin is assisting with the MEP Program at TechSolve, checking in with the manufacturers we serve, assisting with the Covid-19 response, and working in business intelligence.

Kevin is excited about the opportunities he has to learn about the manufacturing industry at TechSolve. He says that the variety of activities in his field are what keeps him intrigued, and it helps that he gets to make a difference each day. Outside of work, he enjoys cars, playing basketball with his friends, and water-sports.

“That’s why I chose TechSolve, the ability to learn something new every day and gain a real understanding of the manufacturing industry. The more I learn, the more I can help people succeed.”

Kevin Heller

Jared Brancatelli

Jared Brancatelli – Marketing Communications Intern

Jared is an English major enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Cincinnati. He has background experience in archival work and grant writing, as well as a wide variety of community service. Jared works closely with the Marketing team at TechSolve, writing, editing, and assisting with event planning and social media management.

Jared is grateful for the opportunity to expand his knowledge of marketing and communications, and the way that those fields can intersect with the world of manufacturing. Jared is an Eagle Scout, and loves the outdoors. Outside of work you can find him camping, hiking, or reading a good book.

“TechSolve really strives to help people. I’m motivated to help this team because of their efforts to make a difference in the community they serve. That connection is really present in our team, a great group of people trying to make great change.”

Brandon Odell – Digital Engineering Intern

Brandon is a Computer Science major at the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering. He has prior work experience programming for manufacturers and also spent time on a research team creating technically advanced 3D printed drones. Brandon helps the IIoT department at TechSolve by programming and testing PLC adapters.

Brandon aims to further his experience in the manufacturing industry with his time at TechSolve, as his ultimate goal is to continue developing better resources for manufacturers. In his free-time, he enjoys spending time with his friends, watching his favorite sports teams, and travelling.

“TechSolve is committed to manufacturers in a way that drives me to keep learning more about the field. I love the feeling of creating something that actually makes manufacturers lives easier; and that’s one major part of TechSolve’s goal.”

Brandon Odell

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