Value Stream Mapping Services

Take a systematic approach to optimize production through value stream mapping techniques.

Understand where you are, so you can get to where you want to be

At the heart of operational excellence is an optimized process. But how do you know you’re operating at maximum efficiency unless you step back and view the process as a whole? With various moving parts, from personnel to products, a manufacturing process can be difficult to streamline. Conducting a Value Stream Mapping activity with TechSolve can provide a clear picture of your manufacturing process and identify key areas of improvement to create sustainable business solutions for your company.

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Value Stream Mapping Applications

No matter your industry, whether you’re processing raw materials, manufacturing physical goods, developing software, handling administrative paperwork, managing employees or budgeting for end-of-the-year planning, Value Stream Mapping helps your company address long-term solutions that are sustainable and profitable.


Optimizing your production can save time and costs meaning you can either do more with less or use those saved resources for further growth.


All aspects of your business can be improved, and whether it’s a personnel-centric process or the need to get buy-in from multiple levels of your organization there’s a method for progress.


It’s not enough to know where your pain points lie, implementation can only come after tangible plans to reach your ideal future state.

Value Stream Mapping Services

Value Stream Mapping Assessment

Assessment Package Includes:

  • 1-Day Value Stream Mapping Activity

  • Current State Map

  • Discussion on Solutions to Improve Your Process

Value Stream Mapping Program

Program Package Includes:

  • 3-Day Value Stream Mapping Activity

  • Current State Map

  • Future State Map

  • Prioritized Implementation Plan and Metrics

Understanding your current state process is the first step towards identifying problems and implementing solutions. Here’s how TechSolve can help in just a single day.

After you select a product family/value stream that you would like us to map, TechSolve will:

  1. Come to your company, work with your team, and help you visualize the process flow.

  2. Develop a current state map and identify constraints, wastes (non-value added activities), and bottlenecks.

  3. Prescribe actionable solutions, which can be implemented at your own pace, to streamline your process.

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