COVID-19 Answers for Manufacturers

Adapting to Challenges in the Current Manufacturing Process

Tuesday, May 19 | 9 -10 a.m.

Being prepared for what’s next can be difficult to determine in the midst of COVID-19, but preparedness is crucial to keeping your employees safe and your business up and running. TechSolve is here to help.

Join our next webinar – Adapting to Challenges in the Current Manufacturing Process within the COVID-19 environment. TechSolve Senior Project Manager Sue Via and Senior Business Advisor Steve Bebko will guide webinar participants through problem solving methodologies, providing ideas and strategies to help your manufacturing teams confidently face COVID-19 challenges in their manufacturing processes.

Together, Sue Via and Steve Bebko from TechSolve’s Business Advisory team have 60+ years of combined experience. They’ll share problem solving techniques that will prepare you to tackle manufacturing problems head on and alleviate your pain points. 

About Steve Bebko
Senior Business Advisor Steve Bebko has been with the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) or TechSolve for the past 25 years, helping keep American manufacturers competitive through the implementation of Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints.
His career passion is collaboratively implementing innovation engineering for the purpose of filling manufacturers’ pipelines with unique new products. Steve started his manufacturing career at SFK Industries, the world’s largest bearing manufacturer, and is an Innovation Engineering Black Belt.

About Sue Via
Senior Project Manager Sue Via has 44 years of experience in manufacturing and process improvement, spanning an array of different industries including aerospace, automotive, and healthcare. She also has nearly 30 years of experience helping manufacturers implement Lean, Six Sigma, Toyota Kata, and Toyota Production System (TPS). Sue enjoys that her work results not only in a better awareness of lean principles and methods, but that these principles can have the power to culturally transform organizations. She holds various Lean certifications and a Six Sigma Black Belt.

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