COVID-19 Answers for Manufacturers

Addressing The Risk Your Employees Face On The Shop Floor & At Home During COVID-19

A conversation with TechSolve and the Employers Resource Association on how to navigate the Coronavirus

Tuesday, April 14th From 9:00 – 10:00 AM

We’re heading into two of the most critical weeks of the Coronavirus forecast model as we approach the height of the curve.  As essential businesses continue to operate more employees risk on-site exposure to the virus, while employees telecommuting from home face an entirely different type of risk.

Join TechSolve and the Employers Resource Association (ERA), experts in HR and a trusted resource, to discuss:

  • How to manage your first positive COVID-19 case on the shop floor, while making sure your healthy employees stay safe.
  • What cybersecurity safeguards you need to have in place any time remote work is utilized.

Throughout the webinar, we’ll address frequently asked questions, and at the end open it up for a Q+A with our panel of speakers, so you receive the support you need now.


Diana Small, Director of Human Resources Consulting Services at ERA

David Linger, President & CEO of TechSolve

Traci Spencer, Grant Program Manager at TechSolve

Glen Nesbit, Cybersecurity Program Manager at TechSolve

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