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TechSolve can assist manufacturers with repurposing and retooling to make PPE

Call To Ohio Manufacturers to Produce PPE

Ohio’s supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is insufficient to meet current needs to protect healthcare workers and patients. The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association  (OMA), the Ohio Hospital Association  (OHA) and the  Ohio Manufacturing Extension Program  (Ohio MEP) have joined forces through “The Ohio Manufacturing Alliance to Fight COVID-19.” 

TechSolve, as an Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership, is contributing to this effort by helping manufacturers retool or repurpose to contribute to in-demand products, especially PPE production for the healthcare industry. 

View the List of PPE Needed

TechSolve can help manufacturers play this important role by: 

  • Identifying equipment most needed
  • Adapting current products, operations and personnel to meet demand
  • Providing engineering capabilities and technical support to make PPE alternatives when possible
  • Connecting suppliers and manufacturers in need of each-others’ services through The MEP National Network
  • Best practices on refocusing efforts to fill gaps in the supply chain

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