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Advance Industrial Manufacturing

Project Title: E3: Economy, Energy & Environment Program

Company Profile: Advance Industrial Manufacturing (AIM) is a female-owned company located in Grove City, Ohio. AIM has been providing custom metal fabrication services since 1987. It specializes in the custom fabrication of specialty components, replacement parts, stairways, handrails, mezzanines, and loading ramps, as well as very large fabrications to the Power Distribution, Power Generation, Steel Mills, and Coal Mining industries. Clients include American Electric Power (AEP) and Goodyear Tire.

Situation: With a downturn in the economy, AIM experienced a 45% decline in sales and was forced to explore outside options for new methods to contain costs, increase sales and stimulate growth.

Project: AIM participated in the E3: Economy, Energy & Environment program with TechSolve. This program, developed in part by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, is designed to improve production and profitability, while reducing energy usage and environmental impact. As part of the assessment, the University of Dayton Industrial Assessment Center conducted an energy analysis that identified 13 savings opportunities, including decreasing plant utility costs and CO2 emissions.

In addition to looking at their energy usage, AIM also took part in the Eureka Winning Ways program to develop profitable ideas for growth as their improvement opportunity. This initiated the development of a pipeline of new growth ideas. These ideas included more effective sales messages, new customers/markets and new and improved products and services. AIM pursued two product line ideas from the more than 50 generated in the workshop. The process helped the management team  think outside of the box, gain a consensus on the direction they were taking, and find a clear path to success.


  • Increased and retained $700,000 in sales.
  • Saved $38,800.
  • Retained 25 jobs and created 10 jobs.
  • Received recommendations that could decrease utility costs by 36% and CO2 emissions by 37% annually.
  • Generated more than 50 ideas for future growth opportunities for their pipeline.
  • Received substantial press and community exposure, resulting from a site visit from Edward B. Montgomery, former Director of Recovery for Automotive Communities and Workers.

TESTIMONIAL: “The way the numbers had been looking a couple of my closest advisors did not think we were going to pull out of it. TechSolve was a big part of our turnaround. TechSolve’s guidance was integral to our success. TechSolve exceeded our expectations. Thank you TechSolve!”

– Jim Wintzer, President

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