Data Utilization

TechSolve offers near real-time metrics for you to view your entire production facility with monitoring through ShopViz®. Our experts can help you determine what to monitor and how to communicate that information back to those who need it most, so any problems with machines or supporting equipment can be addressed.

ShopViz® Data Visualization

  • Dashboards of current & recent machine status
  • 100% MTConnect® based application
  • Accepts data from various sensors & devices
  • Integration to other data sources
  • Scrolling “monitor” pages for selected machines
  • Historical and comparative reporting
  • Automatic sending of reports
  • Event notification via SMS or email
  • Cloud or local server-based deployment
  • Unlimited users
  • Browser-based application
  • Ability to export data from databases
  • Displays factory and department utilization summaries
  • 30 day trial version available per agreement

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