Healthcare Solutions

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Healthcare Solutions

The healthcare industry is changing. At TechSolve, our Lean Healthcare Consulting services will help your organization succeed in this ever-evolving landscape. We’ll work with you to find sustainable solutions that support your current goals, and we’ll help you create an innovative culture prepared to tackle any challenge.

Healthcare organizations are facing a similar challenge: How to meet new regulations and requirements, while keeping their patients the number one priority. Your organization has the capabilities and potential to meet this new challenge. You may just need help tapping into them. Our Closer to C.A.R.E. and Lean Healthcare services can help.

Closer to C.A.R.E. Our Closer to C.A.R.E. model centers around finding sustainable solutions, while always focusing on the patient. This approach involves your entire organization. From senior leadership to front-line staff, every team member will be part of transforming the patient experience.

Lean Healthcare
With our Lean Healthcare services you can take on a departmental issue or an organization-wide goal. No matter the project, our experts work with you, side-by-side, to help you improve the patient experience and protect your bottom line. Services that help you implement better processes, eliminate waste, and build a solution-oriented culture include:

Your organization can thrive in our new healthcare marketplace. Learn how our Lean Healthcare Consulting can help. Contact Dave Levine at


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