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Machine Monitoring and MTConnect® Solutions
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TechSolve’s clients represent a number of different industries. We know these industries. And we make it a priority to know our clients. We help them make continuous, sustainable process improvements—while always focusing on cost, quality and delivery. Our goal is to have our clients achieve the best results.

Lean Healthcare Consulting

By using our Lean Healthcare Consulting services, our clients are better equipped to face the challenges of a changing healthcare landscape. We work with our clients to implement process improvements that can protect their bottom line. To do this, we help them reduce process variation and eliminate wasteful activities, increase capacity and throughput, and create patient-centered processes to enhance patient care and satisfaction.

Local Government >

The main goal of any local government is to better serve its public. At TechSolve, our experienced management consultants help government executives and managers do just this. Our Local Government services help you overcome everyday challenges by examining situational inefficiencies and streamlining operations. Our solutions are customized to fit the specific needs of a local government, public agency, or special purpose district.

Aerospace & Defense >

We’re committed to helping the aerospace and defense industry stay competitive in today’s global market. We develop systematic solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), as well as their key suppliers and prime integrators. Whether your company is just getting started or trying to stay ahead, TechSolve can help you succeed in today’s aerospace and defense industry.


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