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Closer to C.A.R.E.®

Patient-centric is no longer a marketing buzzword — it’s the new reality of the healthcare industry. TechSolve’s Closer to C.A.R.E.® approach focuses on continuously improving your patient-centered processes. By taking a proven method and customizing it to your specific goals, we can help you foster a solution-oriented culture and quickly implement better processes. In turn, your patient experience will always be improving. We don’t just tell you what to do, we help you do it. We guarantee it.

Core Development: Your organization’s staff can bring about positive change. Our approach will help you unlock their potential. We offer a framework that emphasizes empowerment and collaboration. The result is a culture that is hard-wired to sustain current process improvements, while always looking for new ways to improve.

Assess: Your strategic goals are unique. We work with all levels of an organization to find the right path for you. We then develop an improvement road map that shows you where you are right now — and gives you a path to where you want to be.

Rapid Improvement: Using the road map as a guide, we’ll help your teams identify improved processes they can apply almost immediately. Through these hands-on activities your organization will see measureable results in a short time. 

Embed: Process improvements work best when they are ingrained in the organization. With your culture’s new ‘can-do’ mindset, the changes you implement today will be lasting and always improving. We’ll help ensure this.

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You can create a solution-oriented culture that leads to a better patient experience. To see how TechSolve can help, contact Dave Levine at

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