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Lean Coaching & Support

At times, your health organization may need a helping hand. Maybe you want to start down the Lean path, but you don’t know how. Maybe your process improvement team is overwhelmed and needs some extra support. Maybe you need someone from the outside to give you a fresh, unbiased perspective. With TechSolve’s Lean Coaching & Support, you can have the help you need, when you need it.

When your organization needs extra support, we’re here for you. Through our Lean Coaching & Support services, you can call upon us to be your trusted advisor, helping hand, unbiased resource, and so much more.

Our Lean Coaching & Support services offer:

  • The support you need, when you need it. Need help tackling a major project? Not sure if you should move forward on a project? We are your “go to” support team, ready when you need us.
  • Specific, tailored support. We respond to your specific needs, whether it’s coaching one person, tackling a specific issue, or supporting a major project.
  • A champion for your vision. We support your vision and will help you achieve your goals when you bring us onboard.
  • A team that’s “on the ready” for you. We are always ready to help, so you can feel secure knowing you always have a team on-call for you.
  • An experienced, talented team. Our team has a wealth of healthcare experience. Our backgrounds are in healthcare and process improvement, so we have insight into your needs and goals.

You can get the support you need, when you want to be. To learn more about TechSolve’s Lean Healthcare Coaching & Support, contact Dave Levine at levine@techsolve.org.

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