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Lean Healthcare Training

Everyone can spot problems. But not everyone can fix those problems. TechSolve offers Lean Healthcare Training to organizations that want a culture of knowledgeable problem solvers. Whether you’re just starting down the Lean path or you want to further build your employees capabilities, our training can benefit every level of your organization.

At TechSolve, when we refer to a “training,” we’re not talking about a slide show filled with hypothetical examples. Our Lean Healthcare Training actually gets to the root of your specific issues. We work with your staff on training projects that tackle these issues. The result: Your organization will see and sustainable improvements and savings.

Here’s what Lean Healthcare Training offers:

  • Trainings often pay for themselves. Because the focus is on real issues, you will see process improvements that decrease wasteful spending.
  • Everyone benefits. We work across all levels of your organization, from frontline staff to upper management, to develop a culture of problem solving.
  • Trainings projects have an impact. Training projects tackle your specific issues, so you will see concrete improvements that improve efficiency and decrease wasteful spending.
  • Trainings are healthcare specific. While Lean has its roots in the manufacturing industry, we have helped many healthcare organizations — so we understand your challenges and your needs.
  • You work with healthcare experts. Our team is unmatched in the healthcare arena. We’ve handled situations similar to yours, and we’re ready to share our knowledge and expertise.

You can develop a culture of problem solvers. To learn more about TechSolve’s Lean Healthcare Training, contact Dave Levine at levine@techsolve.org.

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