Lean Transformation

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Lean Transformation

Uncertainty seems to be the norm in today’s healthcare industry. To keep up with change, a healthcare organization must be agile and responsive. To enhance the patient experience, each employee must be a problem solver. And to reduce costs, an entire organization must be on the same page. This is what TechSolve’s Lean Transformation can do for your organization.

A Lean Transformation involves an entire organization and its culture. TechSolve experts partner with your staff, from top-level to front-line employees. We use a standard approach that helps your staff address problems that occur on a daily basis, and gives them the ability to anticipate future challenges.

A Lean Transformation gives every person in your organization the tools to have a ‘can do’ mindset, positioning your organization for success, now and in the future.

  • Your staff has a sense of control. Even in the midst of sweeping changes, a problem-solving staff has the knowledge to maintain and build on successful improvement processes.
  • Every employee is a problem solver. We put Lean Tools and Techniques in everyone’s hands. Your staff is able to solve problems that come up on a daily basis, as well anticipate future challenges.
  • The lines of communication open up. The staff learns to use a common language to solve process issues, not “fix” people.
  • You reduce operational costs. When your staff uses a standard approach, your processes become more organized and efficient, reducing wasteful spending.

You can transform your organization. To learn about Lean Transformation, contact Dave Levine at levine@techsolve.org.

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