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Innovation Engineering

Organizations focused on innovation are twice as likely to have above average profits. Through our Innovation Engineering programs, we help you develop meaningfully unique ideas, while creating a culture of never-ending innovation.

Many manufacturers think innovation takes too long and is too risky. The Innovation Engineering Management System (IEMS) attacks these issues by increasing speed and decreasing risk. We do this by turning innovation from a random art to a reliable system.

The IEMS program allows your organization to:

  • Speed innovation up to six times faster. Through a rapid cycle of learning, ideas are killed quickly or move into development within two months.
  • Reduce risk by 30% to 80%. Uncertainties and risks become manageable problems.
  • Create a fully-developed innovation pipeline. Each idea in your pipeline has a strategic purpose and a defined, documented sales forecast.
  • Create innovation throughout your organization. The system lets you create innovation in products, marketing messages and process improvements.
  • Cultivate a culture that embraces innovation. Innovation becomes part of your everyday business.

The IEMS program works. Companies using this system have:

  • Created and defined, on paper, over $4.1 billion worth of ideas for their innovation pipelines.
  • Experienced a 250% improvement in the success of ideas they put into development — saving them time, energy, and money.

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Cleaning Up with Innovation
Cleaning Technologies Group (CTG) added $11.8 Million in products to their innovation pipeline and increased sales by 10%. Click here to see this IEMS success story.


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