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Lean Product Development

By eliminating wasteful processes, Lean helps companies improve cost, quality, and delivery. The same method can be applied to new product development. Through Lean Product Development, you eliminate the waste in your new product development process. In turn, your organization reduces costs and increases speed to market of new products and services.

Process innovation grows out of process improvement, which is what Lean is all about. The same continuous process improvement principles can help you develop new products and uncover growth opportunities.

Lean Product Development involves:

  • A holistic approach. New product development is most successful when you include every aspect of your organization — from people to processes.
  • Knowledge and continuous improvement. By educating and empowering people, you create a culture that seeks out and champions new opportunities.
  • Process standardization. Standardizing the product development process eliminates waste, reduces uncertainty, and encourages flexibility.
  • Long-term growth. Our strategic growth planning strives to help you achieve 20% increase to your top-line growth and 20% decrease in bottom-line costs.
  • Product development expertise. We’re well-qualified to address product development, new channel development, capacity building, and market and development penetration.
  • Long-standing relationship. We’re with your for the entire growth process — from identifying opportunities to delivering growth initiatives.

See how innovation comes from better processes and products. Learn more about TechSolve’s Lean Product Development services. Contact sales@techsolve.org.

See Product and Process Innovation in Action
Richards Industries uncovered a once unnoticed opportunity that resulted in a new product line. They also saved more than $160,000 by eliminating the waste from their product development process. Click here to see how they did it.

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