Machinability Testing

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Machinability Testing

Improving machinability is vital to staying competitive. However, conducting machinability tests can disrupt your manufacturing processes. TechSolve has a fully-instrumented Machining Laboratory run by a team of independent experts. We conduct your machinability testing on our site so you don’t have to stop productivity on yours.

Staying competitive is a necessity, but slowing down production is not an option. Our multi-million dollar Machining Laboratory lets you do the necessary machinability testing without interrupting your production. We can configure our machines to mimic your processes. As an independent expert, we can help you evaluate a new or unfamiliar material, and give you a recipe for what does and doesn’t work.

Our Machinability Testing includes:

  • Cutting fluid
  • Surface finish
  • Tool life
  • Base material
  • Coating and finishing
  • Cutter geometry
  • Chip formation

TechSolve’s knowledge in machinability is second to none. We wrote the book on Titanium Milling. We also offer the Machining Data Handbook and CutDATA database in our Marketplace.

Improve machinability without disrupting your production. To learn about our Machinability Testing, contact

Cutting Fluid Testing
TechSolve is an unbiased expert when it comes to evaluating the impact of cutting fluids on your machines. In fact, we are a certified fluid testing facility for Boeing. Our testing offers:

  • Cutting fluid effectiveness on cooling and lubricating
  • Bacterial analysis
  • Foaming testing
  • Coolant delivery

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