Machine Monitoring

Machine Monitoring

Armed with accurate real-time data, you can make faster and better-informed decisions that will improve the productivity of your business by 20-60%!


TechSolve offers real-time visible dashboard metrics for the entire shop with real-time monitoring.  Should any problems arise with your machines, or any of your shop assets, they can be dealt with immediately. We can help you determine what to monitor and how to communicate that information back to those who need it most. 

When it comes to making important decisions, going on a gut feeling isn’t good enough. TechSolve’s VizProducts® offer a complete suite of machine monitoring services that gives you immediate access to real data, helping you make the best decisions — based on facts. 

  • Information is immediate  an online dashboard allows you to access real-time data, anytime day or night.
  • You’re getting real data directly from your machines — no arbitrary hunches or guesses.
  • You validate process improvements  historical reports and vital stats help you make decisions based on facts.

TechSolve can help increase shop productivity and utilization to at least 20%. The system adapts to any production shop and any machine, new or old. It can be customized to fit your shop’s data needs, without overwhelming your IT department. TechSolve's VizProducts® allows MTConnect® compatibility from a variety of machining assets as well as sensors and human interface devices.

TechSolve’s suite of VizProducts® includes:

  • MiniViz® – An easy and affordable introduction into data gathering and analysis.
  • ShopViz® – Provides an easy to use interface to monitor key performance indicators and track asset utilization.
  • VizAdapters® - TechSolve’s customized software adapters and agents enable manufacturers to monitor the status of all the machines in their shop – no matter what their age.

Whether you need single machine or shop-wide monitoring, TechSolve's suite of VizProducts® fits your needs.  We are confident that MiniViz® or ShopViz® will fit your monitoring needs.

TechSolve is proud to be a Siemens Solution Partner 

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