Manufacturing Innovation

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Manufacturing Innovation

Manufacturing organizations must be innovative — not just to keep pace, but to ensure future growth and profitability. TechSolve’s Manufacturing Innovation programs focus on your growth. If your organization is gaining momentum, we can help you continue your success. If your organization is plateauing or declining, we can help you jumpstart your innovation process.

Innovation isn’t a separate function in a successful manufacturing organization — it’s part of everyday business. Manufacturing innovation leads to sustained growth and profits. Our growth services combine strategic growth planning with innovation. We can help your organization identify new sales, develop new products, enter new markets, and deploy new business models. The end result is profitable growth.

Our Manufacturing Innovation services include:

  • Innovation Engineering. You can increase the speed of innovation by a factor of six and decrease your risk by 30% to 80%. With the Innovation Engineering Management System, innovation transforms from a random art to a reliable system.
  • Pathways. Through the Pathways for Continuous Improvement® program, your small manufacturing organization learns how to recognize and build on innovation. This leads to less time managing in-house operations and more time growing.
  • Lean Product Development. The same principles that improve cost, quality, and delivery can help you develop new products and uncover growth opportunities. Eliminate waste in your new product development process, reduce costs, and increase speed to market of new products and services.

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