Our Membership Program offers benefits for manufacturers both large and small. While Members with over 50 employees have access to the benefits below, those Members with less than 50 employees also have access to these benefits, as well as the services from our Center For Small Manufacturers.

Management Leadership Series
This Series of events feature well-known experts who address the common issues facing today’s manufacturers. Attended by CEOs, presidents, and owners from a variety of industries, this Series provides a great opportunity for our Members to network with their peers and learn from industry experts.

TechSolve’s “Falcon Strike”
TechSolve wants our Members to bring us their problems, no matter how tough. As your trusted advisors we are here to help assess and solve one operational issue per year. We will help you solve it, or put you on the path in the right direction.

Ask a Machining Expert
TechSolve is unique in its ability to offer machining advice to this region. We assist our Members through an online form on our website where Members can submit their questions to TechSolve’s machining experts.

CutData® Software
CutData® is the most comprehensive machining database in existence today. It contains over 100,000 feed and speed recommendations for 22 machining operations, 12 tool materials, and over 3,750 workpiece materials/conditions. Based on the contents of the Machining Data Handbook, CutData® also contains TechSolve’s most recent machinability research and other recent technology developments.

Operations Roundtable
TechSolve’s Innovation and Advanced Machining experts discuss current and future technologies that are projected to have the greatest impact on this region’s manufacturing community. This program is specifically designed for plant and operations managers.

Discounted Workshops & Seminars
We create an annual calendar of seminars and workshops along with partnering with other organizations to offer high quality programs at a discount to Members.

Networking & Company Recognition
Our Member “success stories” are highlighted in our weekly e-newsletter under “Member News”. Not only do we nominate our Members for area business awards, our Members can highlight their achievements during our sponsored events, such as plant tours, roundtable discussions, and other speaking engagements.


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To learn more about TechSolve Membership, contact Doreen Stanley at 513-948-2041.

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