Part Cost Reduction

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Part Cost Reduction

What’s a part worth? And what’s the most cost effective way to produce it? Do you need a new machine? Or are there alternatives? When it comes to reducing part costs, you face many unknowns. TechSolve’s Part Cost Reduction services can help you identify these unknowns. We can create your ideal “recipe” for manufacturing a quality, cost-effective part.

Through TechSolve’s Part Cost Reduction services, you have access to our well-known machining experts and our proprietary software. Thanks to this combination of expertise and technology, you get a detailed machining analysis that includes the best options for making a part.

To help you find your unique formula, we will:

  • Identify expensive features
  • Identify cycle times
  • Identify “should costs”
  • Evaluate suppliers
  • Evaluate processes
  • Determine make vs. buy
  • Consider multiple approaches
  • Find the best machines to use
  • Project future capacities

When you have the best recipe to make a part, your shop will be able to:

  • Decrease door-to-dock times
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase margin
  • Decrease risk
  • Meet and beat budget

Identify the unknowns and hidden cost to define the best recipe for producing a part. To learn about our Part Cost Reduction services, contact

Part Cost Reduction helped one aerospace manufacturer save $296 per part for an annual savings of $142, 302. See the success story here.

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