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As a small manufacturer, you’re probably more innovative than you think. After all, you need to be innovative and adaptive to compete in this ever-changing marketplace. Through the Pathways for Continuous Improvement® program, you learn how to recognize and build on innovation. In the process, you transform your organization.

Many think innovation is separate function from the rest of an organization. In actuality, innovation comes from finding better solutions through better processes and products. An innovative culture allows your organization to spend less time managing in-house operations and more time growing. Through the Pathways for Continuous Improvement — a premier service for Center For Small Manufacturers members — you can take your organization to the next level.

Here’s how it works: A designated team from your company works with teams from other participating companies. During this six-month program, you learn tools and techniques that help:

  • Pull your organization outside the box. Every team takes the same project steps, but each uses a different method of attack to accomplish these steps.
  • Find your “pot holes”. You uncover your organization’s unique challenges and learn the solutions to tackle them.
  • Make sustainable improvements. You learn how to continually track changes and how to actively improve over time.
  • Cultivate an innovative mindset. With a cultural shift throughout your organization, each employee has an opportunity to impact and improve the success of your business.

Take innovation to the next level. To learn more about Pathways®, contact

“This program provided us with the tools and measurements we needed to move our company forward, and after hard work and a strong support from our staff and the TechSolve team, the rewards in the end have far exceeded our expectations.”
—    Diana Partin, President, Industrial Fiberglass Specialties, Inc.

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