Small Business Consulting

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Small Business Consulting

As a small manufacturer, you’re nimble, flexible and willing to do anything. But where do you go from here? TechSolve’s Small Business Consulting services can help you make the most of your assets while building new skills so you can grow and prosper.

With the help of TechSolve’s Center For Small Manufacturer’s (CFSM), you receive long-term consultation and coaching. We help you tackle key business challenges, develop a strategy, and give you a “how to” for success.

Our small business consulting services include:

  • Lean/process improvement
  • Growth building
  • Supplier development
  • Financial strategizing

And, just like your company, we do whatever it takes to get the job done.

We think of ourselves as one of your employees, so we:

  • Work at your pace
  • Meet with you regularly
  • Adapt to your needs
  • Serve all aspects of your business

Pathways to Continuous Improvement®
This six-month premiere program shows you how to spend less time managing in-house operations and more time growing. You’ll learn the tools and techniques needed to transform your business. Learn more.

Build Skills that Drive Business
As our client, you’ll receive priority access to events and services specifically designed for small manufacturers.

Let us be a partner in your success. To learn more about our Small Business Consulting services, contact



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