MTConnect® Solutions

MTConnect® Solutions

TechSolve promotes MTConnect® as an enabler for a complete factory monitoring solution. TechSolve and its partners provide a library of MTConnect® VizAdapters® for various models and makes of equipment, devices, and controls that enable manufacturers to acquire data from all the equipment in their shop – no matter what age. 

VizAdapters® available for CNCs from TechSolve include:

  • Haas (MNET, RS232)
  • Heidenhain
  • Makino
  • Okuma

This diagram illustrates a typical CNC VizAdapter® installation.  The TechSolve Adapter software is installed on the machine, allowing selected data retrieved and sent to an MTConnect® Agent, which produces the MTConnect® formatted data streams.  Communication via the MTConnect® standard facilitates data uniformity from a wide range of CNCs and sensors. This allows easy connection and interoperability with MTConnect -based devices and software applications.

TechSolve also provides MTConnect® VizAdapters® for the following:

    • Power Sensor - 3 phase incoming power for machine status and energy monitoring

    • Sensors for temperature, pressure, flow, level, and more

    • Barcode Reader for standardized manual input

    • MES and ERP system database integration

    • Custom MTConnect® Adapter engineering


Learn how TechSolve’s machine monitoring solutions let you get the most from your machining assets. For more information on our Adapters, contact or at  (+01) 513-948-2030. We will contact you within 24 hours. You can also download the following VizAdapters® Data Sheets for more information:

  3. Haas CNC serial
  4. Haas CNC M-NET
  5. Heidenhain CNC
  6. Okuma OSP-P V1
  7. Okuma OSP-P V2
  8. Siemens 840D with SINUMERIK Operate on PCU
  9. Siemens 840D with SINUMERIK Operate on NCU
  10. Siemens 840D/840Di with HMI Advanced version 6+
  11. Siemens 840D with MMC103
  12. HID Barcode
  13. Load controls UPC-E Adapter Package
  14. Advantech ADAM 6000 Series


TechSolve is proud to be a Siemens Solution Partner

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