MTConnect® Solutions

Machine Monitoring and MTConnect® Solutions
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MTConnect® Solutions

TechSolve promotes MTConnect® as an enabler for a complete factory monitoring solution. TechSolve and its partners provide a library of MTConnect® VizAdapters® for various models and makes of equipment, devices, and controls that enable manufacturers to acquire data from all the equipment in their shop – no matter what age. 

VizAdapters® available for CNCs from TechSolve include:

  • FANUC Robot
  • Haas (MNET, RS232)
  • Makino
  • Okuma

This diagram illustrates a typical CNC VizAdapter® installation.  The TechSolve Adapter software is installed on the machine, allowing selected data retrieved and sent to an MTConnect® Agent, which produces the MTConnect® formatted data streams.  Communication via the MTConnect® standard facilitates data uniformity from a wide range of CNCs and sensors. This allows easy connection and interoperability with MTConnect -based devices and software applications.

TechSolve also provides MTConnect® VizAdapters® for the following:

    • Power Sensor - 3 phase incoming power for machine status and energy monitoring

    • Sensors for temperature, pressure, flow, level, and more

    • Barcode Reader for standardized manual input

    • MES and ERP system database integration

    • Custom MTConnect® Adapter engineering


Learn how TechSolve’s machine monitoring solutions let you get the most from your machining assets. For more information on our Adapters, please contact us here and we will contact you within 24 hours. You can also download the following VizAdapters® Data Sheets for more information:

  1. Siemens 840D/840Di - HMI Advanced
  2. Siemens 840D - MMC103
  3. Siemens 840D - SINUMERIK Operate on NCU
  4. Siemens 840D - SINUMERIK Operate on PCU
  7. FANUC Robot
  8. Haas CNC Serial
  9. Haas CNC Serial Device Server
  10. Haas CNC M-Net
  11. Makino Pro5 CNC
  12. Makino Pro6 CNC
  13. Okuma OSP-P V1
  14. Okuma OSP-P V2
  15. Mitsubishi CNC
  16. Advantech ADAM 6000 Series
  17. Barcode Reader
  18. OPC DA
  19. GE QuickPanel


TechSolve is proud to be a Siemens Solution Partner.

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