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Join the Manufacturing Day conversation to share how technology & innovation are making manufacturing an excellent career choice

“Open doors, open minds” was the theme of this year’s Manufacturing Day which took place on October 5th. Manufacturing Day isn’t about us and we surely don’t need to tell manufacturers about the importance of nurturing the future workforce. For us, Manufacturing Day is about students, our community and showing support for the manufacturers we serve. It’s about opening our doors to local schools to learn what manufacturing can mean to them – by sharing what it means to us.

Each year we dedicate this day to stepping away from our usual business to pause and focus on something that is important to all of us – the future of manufacturing and our passion for changing perceptions of what a career in manufacturing means.

This year, over 2,041 Manufacturing Day events took place throughout Canada, Mexico and the United States on October 5th alone (Mfgday.com). Through collaborative efforts between industry, education and community partners such as those by Partners for a Competitive Workforce and Dream it Do it OKI, we have not only seen an increase in Manufacturing Day engagement in the greater Cincinnati area, but nationally as well.

Here at TechSolve we shared our day with students from Grant Career Center (U.S. Grant JVS) and Cincinnati Public Schools’ Woodward Career Technical High School. Together, we participated in live demonstrations in TechSolve’s Technology Development Center. Later, we shared our personal journeys to careers in manufacturing – illustrating the diversity of both manufacturing careers and pathways to pursue them.

However, the spirit of Manufacturing Day isn’t reserved for the first Friday of October. Instead, it is reminder of our commitment to helping manufacturers thrive by combining technology developments and other innovations. There has never been a brighter time to be in manufacturing.

If you’re like us you are interested in keeping the conversation going. Please consider telling us about your manufacturing day experience or your career in manufacturing. We’d love to hear it!

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