MTConnect® Adapters for Devices & Sensors

Collect both analog and digital data from a variety of formats and sources immediately translated into the MTConnect® protocol.

Data Acquisition Unit (DAQ)

Collect both analog and digital data from sensors and input output (IO) signals on your DAQ. These adapters can be used to access data that allows you to set alarms within MTConnect® data stream, collect analog temperature data, and more.

Power Monitoring

TechSolve Power Monitoring Adapter Software is a universal solution that can acquire data from any electrical device, giving you the data to know whether or not your device is running, and how much energy it is consuming whether or not it is powered on.

Bar Code

Introduce a standardized manual data input so you can improve your data entry, giving you more actionable data in your system.

  • Barcode scanner adapter with display
  • Barcode scanner with PLC sensor interface

HID Barcode MTConnect® Adapter:

TechSolve’s barcode adapter is designed for use with USB/HID Barcode readers with USB IBM/OEM configuration. TechSolve’s HID Barcode MTConnect® Adapter allows any data item to be defined and retrieved, including data from:

  • Operator
  • Shop Order, router, process step
  • Part count, scrap count
  • Downtime reason codes
  • Call for maintenance

Thermal Imaging Camera

Turn visible information into MTConnect® data streams. This non-contact camera allows multiple point temperature detection without the need to physically attach a temperature sensor to the device you wish to monitor.

  • Flir AX-8 (see data sheet)
  • Power Sensor: 3 Phase incoming power for machine status & energy monitoring
  • Sensors for temperature, pressure, flow, level & more

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