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Smart Manufacturing Workforce Certificate Offered by Case Western Reserve University and TechSolve, Inc. at Aerospace Special Processes Suppliers Summit 


A New Smart Manufacturing Workforce Certificate is set to be offered by Case Western Reserve University and TechSolve, Inc. at the upcoming Aerospace Special Processes Suppliers Summit (ASPSS). Organized by BCI Aerospace, ASPSS is scheduled to take place this October 12-14, 2021, in St. Louis, Missouri. The event will be “an opportunity for manufacturing engineers, fabrication, materials testing, surface enhancement and vetted suppliers to come together” for “matchmaking” between “surface treatment and finishing capabilities for aerospace manufacturing.” (BCI Aerospace) 

The Certificate will be offered to attendees who complete a half-day Smart Factory Class taking place during the Summit on October 12, 2021. Attendees will learn from and interact with speakers in sessions that focus on advanced machining of aerospace alloys, adopting collaborative robots to cut costs and increase productivity, leveraging machine connectivity and IIoT to extract manufacturing intelligence, and the latest cybersecurity regulations and mitigation strategies. This training offers an opportunity for participants to keep up to date with the latest innovations, best practices and technology solutions associated with Smart Manufacturing.  

Through presentations and hands-on demonstrations attendees will learn: 

  • Decision-making skills in smart manufacturing opportunities 
  • Advanced concepts and considerations associated with machinability and surface integrity of aerospace alloys 
  • Trends, challenges, and benefits associated with adoption of collaborative robots 
  • How to cut costs and increase productivity with collaborative robots 
  • How machine connectivity and the IIoT enable manufacturing intelligence and process optimization and control 
  • The main elements of an IIoT system and considerations for IIoT implementation 
  • The latest cybersecurity regulations with respect to NIST cybersecurity framework and Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 
  • OT and IT cybersecurity considerations for the digital manufacturing supply chain 

Individuals interested in the Certificate or Summit can learn more and sign up to attend at https://www.stlouis.bciaerospace.com/.