Situation: C.O.W. Industries was selected by American Electric Power (AEP) to participate in the E3: Economy, Energy & Environment program. This program, developed in part by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, is designed to improve an organization’s production processes and profitability while reducing its environmental impact.

Project: TechSolve collaborated with the University of Dayton Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) and a cross-functional team from C.O.W. Industries on the E3 assessments. The University of Dayton IAC compiled a comprehensive list of energy savings opportunities, while TechSolve focused on the economy (productivity) and environment aspects of the program.

TechSolve worked with the C.O.W. team to conduct setup reduction and value stream mapping events to identify and implement process improvements, reduce setup time, and improve the efficiency of an assembly area. TechSolve also guided C.O.W. Industries in the reduction of its carbon footprint.

Based on the data gathered in the E3 assessments, TechSolve created a customized implementation plan for C.O.W. Industries. Dozens of suggestions (52 from the value stream mapping event alone) were reviewed, resulting in five technical and two business practice recommendations for C.O.W. Industries.


  • Tailored implementation plan and recommendation list for future improvements.
  • Created employee training to facilitate the longevity of the process improvements.
  • Increased sales of $73,000.
  • Saved a total of $60,000.
  • Anticipated annual energy cost savings of $38,500.