Situation: Tekmar contacted TechSolve to help jump-start their improvement initiatives.

Project: To gain exposure to Lean concepts, all Tekmar employees participated in a full-day Lean Simulation. Value stream mapping was performed on certain product lines to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities. Based on the opportunities identified, Tekmar developed Lean implementation roadmaps.

Teams were created, Kaizen events were conducted, and new manufacturing cells were formed for both product lines. Using a team-based approach to problem solving and root cause analysis, Tekmar began to identify and implement solutions to improve processes, testing, and ultimately product quality. Using the knowledge gained from the revamp of these two product lines, ideas and discussions formulated around a new layout for the entire plant. Within one month, the staff made this new layout a reality!

Tekmar employees have embraced a new culture of continuous improvement. Today, employees are excited and constantly thinking of new ways to reduce waste. For Tekmar, the continuous improvement culture has been revived and the momentum is strong.


  • Increased revenues by $550,000.
  • Decreased costs by $105,000.
  • Achieved a cost avoidance of $78,000.
  • Built a culture of continuous improvement.

TESTIMONIAL: “The enthusiasm and excitement among the employees is the strongest I have ever seen and there is a confidence brewing that Teledyne Tekmar has what it takes to beat the competition, earn even more market share, and achieve its growth goals.”

─ Scott Weekley, Plant Manager