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Industry 4.0 Advances Technology and Inspires Manufacturers to Challenge Current Production Methods

By now, most people are familiar with the term “Industry 4.0” or have begun the process of implementing new methods proposed by this revolution. This statement held true at IMTS 2018 – The International Manufacturing Technology Show, held in Chicago, Sept. 10 – 15. There, manufacturers and industry leaders from across the globe gathered to learn more about new advances in manufacturing.

While Industry 4.0 is improving efficiency on the factory floor, it’s also heightening the importance of data collection, robotics, automation, additive manufacturing and cybersecurity for manufacturers. Even though each of these areas are significant in their own right, the strongest presence at IMTS 2018 was of digitalization of the manufacturing space.

In years past, IMTS has been an opportunity for major machine tool makers and tooling companies to showcase machine enhancements, which have advanced incrementally to date and for which development has reached physical limits. Where analog technology has shown linear improvements as of late – digital technology has created exponential growth opportunities and is shifting the industry to a new digital manufacturing paradigm. Where data is the next step for hardware performance.

For manufacturers looking to remain competitive in this ever-evolving landscape, achieving a more digitally connected manufacturing platform will improve productivity, equipment effectiveness, impact part quality standards and delivery – ultimately improving business models and bottom lines.

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