Why MTConnect®?

Acquire real-time data from adapters, devices and sensors, and supporting hardware to help you make and validate the best decisions for improving productivity. Our solutions allow MTConnect® compatibility from a variety of machining assets as well as sensors and human interface devices.

About MTConnect®

MTConnect® is a set of open, royalty-free standards for manufacturing equipment that uses XML and Internet Protocol technology as a common communication link to extract machine data. This extensible set of standard was developed and advanced by users of the standard, allowing it to be built to meet the needs of manufacturers instead of a single machine producer or corporation.

Benefits of MTConnect®:

-Standardized vocabulary and semantics of the information models reduces integration time and cost
-Provides common protocol for many machine tool types and vintages
-Allows solutions to gather data from CNCs, sensors, data acquisition units, operators, etc.
-Read-only (safe)
-Developed & advanced by users of the standard – no corporate influence
-Uses prevalent standards – HTTP & XML

Why TechSolve’s MTConnect® Adapters?

TechSolve’s adapters not only utilize the MTConnect® language for machine tool data acquisition, but are also easily installed through automatic discovery of configuration. This allows manufacturers faster connection and interoperability with any device and software applications.

Benefits of MTConnect® Adapters:

-Automatic discovery of CNC configuration allows for ease of installation
-Self-generate the required MTConnect® devices.xml file
-Able to obtain a large range of data items
-Able to run on a variety of platforms

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