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Navigating Cybersecurity Summit

By December 24, 2021 June 28th, 2022 No Comments

Navigating Cybersecurity Summit

Wednesday, March 16th, 2022

12:00 – 5:30 PM



about the event

The benefits of implementing a strong cybersecurity program come long before the cost avoidance of a cyber-attack. Manufacturers can actually see the return on their investment in cybersecurity much sooner. But only if they access the resources in the right way.

That’s where TechSolve’s Navigating Cybersecurity Summit on Wednesday, March 16th offers manufacturers a unique perspective on cybersecurity. Learn the financial benefits and competitive gains your company can leverage by proactively investing in cybersecurity. Access to lower insurance premiums, opportunities to bid on government contracts, and managing the right cybersecurity talent and tools, are just a few of the topics that will be covered in this half-day event.

TechSolve has always relied on our extensive network to deliver manufacturers the best resources and information. Our Navigating Cybersecurity Summit is no different. Cybersecurity thought leaders and technical experts from across the country will share their latest knowledge on cybersecurity and the expanding threat landscape that faces manufacturers.

keynote speaker

David Kennedy is a cybersecurity authority whose mission is to drive the industry forward and make the world a more secure place. In addition to creating two large-scale cybersecurity firms, David has testified before Congress on issues of national security and has appeared as a subject matter expert on hundreds of national news and TV shows.

As a forward thinker in the security field, David has had the privilege of speaking at some of the nation’s largest conferences, including Microsoft’s BlueHat, DEF CON, Black Hat, DerbyCon, and now TechSolve. David is a regular contributor and subject matter expert on cybersecurity stories for Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg, BBC, and other high-profile media outlets. Further, his tools have been featured on a number of TV shows and movies, and he served as Technical Consultant for the critically acclaimed Mr. Robot TV show.

david kennedy


11:50 PM – Opening Remarks

12:00 PM –  Assessing the Threat Landscape: Why Cybersecurity Matters + Lunch

  • David Kennedy, Keynote Speaker

10-minute break

1:10 PM – Cyber Liability: What’s Happening In The Marketplace?

  • Jonathan Theders, CEO of RiskSOURCE

1:50 PM – “What’s In Your Cybersecurity Toolbox?” When & How To Make Strategic Changes To Your Cybersecurity Plan

  • Shawn Waldman, CEO of Secure Cyber Defense

10-Minute Break

2:35 PM MxD Cybersecurity Tech Demonstration

  • Laura Elan, Senior Director of Cybersecurity for MxD Cyber

3:20 PM – OT Cybersecurity Panel

  • Steve Gillock, Cybersecurity Director at TechSolve (Moderator)​​
  • Ron Pieper, Customer Support Manager at Juxtum
  • Emre Koksal, PhD, Founder and CEO of DatAnchor
  • Representative from Nokia

10-Minute Break

4:30 PM Compliance Panel

  • Steve Gillock​, Director of Cybersecurity at TechSolve (Moderator)​
  • Andy Leitner, Director of E-Commerce and IT at NovaVision
  • Jim Goepel, Director of Education and Content at Future Feed
  • Tom O’Neill, Information Technology Educator at Butler Tech

5:30 PM – Closing Session & Happy Hour​

core topics

Threat Landscape Discussions

Understand the current threat landscape and, in 2022, where manufacturers are the most vulnerable.

Cybersecurity Cost Benefits

Learn the financial benefits and competitive gains your company can leverage by proactively investing in cybersecurity.

Security Resources & Assets

Gain insight on the talent and security tools needed for the regulatory requirements that must be met by your company.


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