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Your Feedback Matters: Understanding the MEP Client Survey Process

By November 3, 2022 November 9th, 2023 No Comments

Has TechSolve helped your organization? Let us know how we did through the MEP Client Survey

TechSolve is a regional partner of the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership and serves southwest Ohio manufacturers. The Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) National Network is part of the Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Our focus is to help small and medium sized manufacturers generate business results and thrive in today’s ever-changing economy.

Every quarter, 20-30 TechSolve clients have the chance to share their stories about the excellent improvements made through their collaboration with TechSolve’s project delivery team, approved third-party organizations and attending signature TechSolve events like the Navigating Cybersecurity and MFG STRONG Summits

TechSolve knows our interactions leave a lasting impact on our manufacturers, regional community, and the broader state economy. In our history as an MEP center, TechSolve manufacturing clients reported over $6 Billion in economic impact and over 16,000 jobs created or retained through projects with TechSolve and its partners.

  • Reported Sales, Savings, and Investments – $6 Billion in:
    • Increased Sales
    • Retention of Sales
    • Cost Savings
    • New Products or Processes
    • Plant or Equipment Investment
    • Savings on Investments


We’re Held Accountable Through A Third-Party Survey

We ask our clients to self-report accumulated impact of cost savings, new investments, new or retained sales, and new or retained employment from activities or projects completed with TechSolve in the last year through a third-party survey. The quick, 15-question survey asks clients about the challenges they face, benchmarks customer experience (net promoter score), and records the financial impact they have achieved.


Important Items to Note Regarding the MEP Client Survey Process:

  • Manufacturers will only need to complete one survey per year.
  • One month prior to the survey period, TechSolve will be in touch to verify the appropriate contact and share more information about the survey process and past reporting.
  • On the first day of survey period, the contact receives a unique survey link via email from support@mepclientsurvey.com.
  • There are 15 questions and the survey takes an average of 10 minutes to complete.
  • Only one survey response is allowed per survey period (every 12 months).
  • Clients can be surveyed for multiple projects and should consider the collective impact they have achieved in working with TechSolve.


MEP Client Survey Period

The current MEP Client Survey period began on October 16th and ends on November 14th – make sure you are counted and included in the 2023 Client Reported Impact so we can show off the dynamic manufacturing community located in Southwest Ohio! If you’d like to see some of the stories shared by other TechSolve clients, please visit our website at https://www.techsolve.org/case-studies/.

Thank you for your support! TechSolve works hard every day to make American manufacturers stronger.

If you have questions about your survey or the process, please do not hesitate to reach out to TechSolve at info@techsolve.org or call us at 513-948-2000.

Your Success is Our Success!

-The TechSolve Team