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Cyber Hygiene & Protecting Manufacturers against Cybersecurity Threats

By January 8, 2020 April 12th, 2022 No Comments

Last Wednesday, June 27th, The House Small Business Committee met for a hearing on the cybersecurity threats American small businesses currently face, such as those presented by Chinese telecommunications company ZTE. Those in attendance to testify on behalf of American small businesses outlined the importance of taking steps towards cybersecurity measures that prepare a company for what is seen by many to be inevitable cyber attacks – especially on manufacturers.

As part of our commitment to raising awareness about the cybersecurity threats that manufacturers face, TechSolve was honored to represent small to mid-sized manufacturers as a witness during the hearing. TechSolve’s President & CEO David R. Linger shared the urgency for manufacturers to begin taking even the smallest of steps to protect and prepare their employees and their businesses; highlighting that “only the government tops the manufacturing sector (followed by finance and healthcare) as the most targeted sector by cyber espionage.”

For manufacturers, cyberattacks take many forms, from email phishing to strategic influence on a manufacturing process. For Cincinnati Crane & Hoist, this meant a devastating loss of $200,000 from their business. For other manufacturers, operational attacks have affected the quality of parts manufactured – risking the safety of the citizens who use them.

We urge our community of manufacturers to educate themselves about the cybersecurity risks they face – both in their businesses and on their plant floors – and start taking even the smallest of steps to prepare for cyberattacks on their business.

If you are interested in learning more about Cincinnati Crane & Hoist’s experience with a cyberattack, or what other witnesses had to say about the cybersecurity threats small businesses in America face today, you can watch this past Wednesday’s hearing here or read David’s full testimony here.

If you have questions about steps your manufacturing business can take to mitigate cybersecurity risks for your manufacturing business, click here.

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Watch the Hearing

Read the Testimony

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