Cyber Risk and Vulnerability Scans

Learn how vulnerable your manufacturing company is to threat actors

Mitigate Cyber Risk with Solutions Designed for Manufacturers

Third-party audits and testing are the most effective way to ensure a security program works. TechSolve brings over 35 years of experience delivering solutions to manufacturers.

We are not a managed services provider so we consider a wide range of solutions and recommended the right fit with your unique business goals and best interest in mind.

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The Cyber Threat Manufacturers Face Is Real

TThe National Cyber Security Alliance reports that 60% of small to mid-size businesses who fall victim to cyberattacks close within six months of the incident. It’s imperative to implement the correct preventative methods and response tools to protect your manufacturing company against cyberattacks.

As an Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership, we are accountable to both our customers and NIST, and we only offer solutions we believe are worth your time and resources.

Cybersecurity Risk and Vulnerability Scans

Cyber Risk Assessment

A cyber risk assessment from TechSolve identifies the most critical risks vulnerable areas of the organization and outlines an action plan to improve. This service also helps to outline the compliance regulatory considerations that the customer needs to consider in order to continue to maintain various projects.

Nessus Scan

A Nessus Scan offers manufacturers a deep dive look into all potential vulnerabilities and serves as a cybersecurity industry best practice. This third-party vulnerability scan provides a detailed report that manufacturers can use to address these issues independently or alongside a TechSolve staff that provides coaching to address their vulnerabilities.

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