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How To Reduce Manufacturing Process Costs Webinar

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How To Reduce Manufacturing Process Costs Webinar

July 21 I 9 to 10 a.m.


Free for Southwest Ohio Manufacturers

about this webinar

Are you losing customers due to slow delivery times, or are you incurring large amounts of finished goods while waiting for orders?

Manufacturers often lose money in their transactions or manufacturing process, but they aren’t able to identify the root cause. Or worse, even though their operations may seem to be running smoothly and the profits are good, there are still inefficiencies and hidden wastes that are costing manufacturers money.

Without properly evaluating the situation, quick decisions in short-sighted solutions that don’t address the root cause are poor investments. Value Stream Mapping provides a strategic view of manufacturing processes and isolates what needs to be improved for long-term efficiency.   

This webinar will lead you through Value Stream Mapping techniques to identify problems in your current state that are hindering profits, such as: 

Losing customers due to slow delivery times
Incurring large amounts of finished goods while waiting for orders 
Too little profit margin based on what it costs your manufacturing company to produce.

TechSolve’s Business Advisory Team will help you to visualize your manufacturing process to identify key problem areas and then implement process improvement techniques to reduce waste and process cycle times, decrease lead and delivery time, and overall, to create sustainable business solutions for your company.

Steve Bebko, Senior Business Advisor at TechSolve
Sue Via, Senior Program Manager at TechSolve

Steve Bebko and Sue Via have more than 60 years of combined experience in the manufacturing industry. Together they will help you visualize your manufacturing process and offer Lean concepts and techniques you can implement today.

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