Machinability Evaluation & Testing

At TechSolve, we believe that a viable machining process requires a holistic approach to address all key process variables. To that end, we systematically evaluate 6 key elements for machining to enable optimization and help you solve quality, throughput, and cost-related production challenges.

Machining Parameters

Optimize your cutting parameters based on your machining performance requirements by completing an evaluation of your cutting tools, fluids and materials used in production.

Machining Accessories

Evaluate new or optimize existing accessories such as fixtures, work-holding, and coolant delivery systems.

Cutting Fluid

Improve production rates by examining a fluid’s impact on the life of the cutting tool, as well as the entire machining system or examine applications and environmental implications of fluids.

Work Material

As an independent expert, we can help you evaluate new or unfamiliar materials and compare several material types and heat treatment conditions to identify the best solution for your application.


Cutting Tools

Find the right cutting tool that is able to cut faster, increase product quality and/or tool-life by evaluating your cutting tool materials, geometries and coatings.

Machine Tools

Optimize your machine tools and improve the productivity of existing equipment by evaluating and optimizing key characteristics of your process.

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