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How to Make The Most out of Your Visit to The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS)

By August 28, 2018 November 23rd, 2020 No Comments

With over 115,000 attendees and over 1,900 exhibitors, there is sure to be a buzz of activity at McCormick Place in Chicago during IMTS this September. Naturally, America’s largest manufacturing show can be a little overwhelming. Here at TechSolve we want you to get the most out of your IMTS experiences so we have put to together a list of tips and resources to help you max out your ROI for attending IMTS 2018.

Build a Show Itinerary that Meets your Organizational Needs

Before your departure for the Windy City, meet with your internal team to understand what your company needs or allows you to better assess what is it that you need to get out of the IMTS. Identify the problems that you are experiencing or where you would like your operation to improve. By having clear goals from the start, you can accomplish those goals before checking out everything else.

Understand who will be Exhibiting

Know who is exhibiting at IMTS this year and who is worth talking with in order to accomplish your goals or who can provide valuable learning opportunities. Understanding who has the capabilities to address your own unique needs is crucial to making sure that you don’t get lost in the crowd and avoids having to stop at every booth to figure it out the hard way. With so many booths and building locations it can be confusing and time consuming, so make sure you know where the people are before you even start.  

Be Prepared

Take advantage of MyShow Planner and you can schedule meetings with exhibitors. With it you can also filter out exhibitors in specific categories to find the ones that you really need. It is available on your mobile devices and computer for easy access using the WIFI available during the show.

Take Advantage of the Workshops

There are plenty of workshops that will be taking place at IMTS and it is important to attend them and learn, that’s why you are there! However, you don’t want to spend all your time in workshops, be sure to highlight the ones that are most important to you before the show.


During these events you can learn a great deal from the vendors that are exhibiting, but it is also a good occasion to get to know the other organizations and individuals attending as well. You never know who you might run into or how they might be able to have an impact on your experience so be open should the opportunity present itself! 

Don’t Forget to Stay Hydrated or Eat

Take advantage of food and beverages that the exhibitors will give out. You will be on your feet for a long period of the day and you don’t want to become light headed.

Check out some great restaurants while you are in Chicago too!





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