How we Can Assess Your Data to Solve Quality and Cost-Related Production Challenges

For OEMs, the pressure to meet the exacting quality standards of customers at a competitive price is intense. Remaining relevant is harder than ever, and many manufacturers risk shutting their doors unless they can produce more efficiently. At TechSolve we help manufacturers stay relevant by helping them transition to digital manufacturing and using technology to improve and optimize their processes.

Keeping up With The Costs of Business

TechSolve recently worked with a leading plastic and metal manufacturer who needed to reassess equipment capability in order to meet the quality standards its customers expect. Any potential changes to processes and machines also needed to reduce costs so the company could gain a competitive edge in its markets, which included a range of industries—from  medical and agricultural, to construction and industrial equipment. Component quality, in particular, was a critical consideration, since end customers would not accept anything less than 100% of their part print requirements.

Using our proprietary software tools and data-driven analytic processes TechSolve helped this manufacturer extract data from its machines to unlock value—optimizing cost, improving quality and reducing cycle times for critical processes. This included:

  • A dramatic improvement in part quality with a 90% reduction in scrap and reworking;
  • Overall productivity improvements as high as 160%; and
  • Reduced operator interface in the production process.

All of this was achieved in less than a month.

All Data Points to the Need for Major Change

Our first step was to assess the condition of the manufacturer’s equipment and report on its capability to meet the part’s specified requirements. For this particular manufacturer, each component required machining of both highly abrasive plastic and metallic materials after the molding process, and they were machined on machine legacy, high-volume, multi-station rotary indexing machine.

TechSolve’s onsite observations, combined with data on part quality and an evaluation of the machine’s overall condition made it clear that in order to meet quality demands, the manufacturer needed to either rebuild or replace the equipment for the manufacturing process.

An Analysis Focused on Business Results

We then reviewed the quality and productivity of the machining process, as well as data from each station’s cycle times, machine processes, cutting tools, workholding fixtures, functional inspection tooling, and operator interface. Together, this information was used to redesign the multi-station rotary indexed machining process. It also generated a set of recommendations that delivered significant improvements to the quality and productivity of the machine.

TechSolve’s analysis gave the manufacturer accurate data upon which it could build a solid business plan and justify the investment in an equipment upgrade. It also identified other issues beyond the machine itself that were affecting quality. As a result, TechSolve  proposed and implemented a detailed list of solutions that included:

  • Changing of the drill geometry to achieve better hole location;
  • Changing of the taps to achieve better cutting and fewer burrs;
  • Implementation of work holding improvements to reduce changeover time; and
  • Rebalancing the operations performed at each station to achieve better productivity throughout the process.

Manufacturing Process Improvement That Reduces Risk

At TechSolve , we go beyond analytics and theory, to take action on the insights we can extract from machines. Using advanced in-line probing, dynamometers and tool condition monitoring in our machining laboratory, we have the capability to prove solutions before their implementation, removing risk and disruption for manufacturers. If you’re facing a highly competitive market, we can help you boost your productivity to ensure you’re offering customers the most high-quality and cost-effective solutions they can find. Contact us at or complete the form below to find out how to get started.