Situation: PMCI was in the middle of expanding into a new facility and decided to begin their Lean Journey before select product lines were moved. They were bursting at the seams and were in dire need of space. Within cramped quarters, it was hard to stay organized and employees were becoming frustrated.

Solution: PMCI contracted with TechSolve to begin their Lean Journey to free up space and capacity in the short term as well as improve the effectiveness of their Large Harness Product Line. Lean Training was performed in 5S, Visual Management, Ten Minute Stand-Up Meetings, Standard Work, and Set-Up Reduction. Soon after each training session was completed implementation began.

Communication across all departments was a problem. The Ten Minute Stand-Up Meetings and Metric/Barrier Boards posted in each area helped improve communication and inform everyone on what they had to do to “Win the Game”. Implemented level loading throughout the plant. This helped to eliminate the production surges, created predictability, and allowed the Value Stream to plan each day effectively.


• PMCI recorded their first $1MM shipping month. They have moved into their new facility with the skills, organization and communication necessary to be effective and continue to grow as a world class manufacturer.

• Set-Up times in the Machine Room have started a downward trend. Over the last three weeks the set-up times have been reduced by 36% compared to the average.

• Implemented level loading throughout the plant has improved delivery performance by 2%.

• Cost savings since Precision began the Lean Journey have totaled $125,000.