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TechSolve offers configurable MTConnect® protocol compliance to extend the SINUMERIK 840D standard offering.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – (Cincinnati, OH) Siemens continues the appointment of TechSolve (Cincinnati) as a Product Partner to offer solutions to customers with SINUMERIK 840D CNCs who are interested in or have already implemented MTConnect® in their facilities.

Through this relationship, Siemens is proactively responding to the growing demand in the market for MTConnect® solutions among the end-user and machine builder sectors. TechSolve was a founding sponsor of the MTConnect Institute and is a major supplier of MTConnect® adapters, translation products, supporting hardware, and supporting services. These offerings enable manufacturers of all types to more efficiently gather and analyze factory equipment status and performance data using the open-source communication standard of MTConnect.

siemens product partner TechSolve

This schematic illustrates the typical scenario for machine tool connectivity at an end-user, where a Siemens SINUMIERK 840D CNC is enhanced with TechSolve MTConnect adapter software, allowing machine status and performance data to be acquired and presented in the MTConnect® format. Applied plant-wide, data presentation using the MTConnect standard facilitates simplified and consistent information gathering and analysis by the customer, allowing greater interoperability between devices and software applications.

In a typical machine tool end-user scenario, TechSolve applies its adapter software to an existing machine’s CNC, such as the Siemens SINUMERIK 840D, which enables data transfer through an MTConnect Agent. For older controls and legacy devices that do not have native communication output, TechSolve can also supply additional hardware and communication software to facilitate this process. The data can then be stored locally or cloud-based for further access and evaluation.

TechSolve also offers adapter software to machine tool builders for integration into their controls to suit particular applications or customer-mandated specifications for MTConnect compliance. TechSolve offers MTConnect adapters for all ages and configurations of the venerable SINUMERIK 840D CNC including Solutionline, Powerline, and older, allowing more users to take advantage of this offering.

TechSolve is dedicated to advancing manufacturers through technology. By leveraging our deep understanding of machining, data extraction & the manufacturing processes, TechSolve empowers manufacturers to confidently adopt and integrate current and emerging technologies that address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. Whether it’s a first article sample, a custom-built connectivity solution or a new process for plant floor layout and flow, our team is able to quickly understand your frustrations, aspirations, needs and goals to work with you to engineer your path forward.

About TechSolve MTConnect® Adapters: As leaders in MTConnect® data collection software with deep-rooted knowledge of machining, TechSolve offers the broadest and most configurable selection of MTConnect adapters. Designed to work with any client app, TechSolve’s adapters automatically discover the machine’s configuration and are easily configured from one central point, allowing you to select the data you want to receive, for example: utilization, loads, overrides, alarms, drive and spindle data, and more.

TechSolve has MTConnect adapters for all major machine systems, other CNCs, PLCs, and custom solutions with minimum downtime.

For specific product information and inquiries on TechSolve’s MTConnect-related offerings, call (513) 948-2000 or e-mail info@techsolve.org.