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How to secure data collection across your digital thread

By September 30, 2020 June 29th, 2022 No Comments

How to secure data collection across your digital thread

Oct 14 | 10:00 – 11:00 A.M. EDT



collect data from machines

About This Webinar

Good data starts with good decisions.

But what defines “good” data? … Normalized data? Reliable data? Cyber secure data? More robust data?

In today’s ultra-competitive industrial landscape, the answer is all the above.

Whether you are embarking on or expanding your IIoT journey, make sure you leverage data collection best practices to access the data needed to make sustainable business decisions and maintain or gain competitive advantage.

In our upcoming webinar “How to Secure Data Collection Across Your Digital Thread,” understand how to collect data more efficiently and maintain business continuity by implementing security standards to:

  • Protect your machines and network from production-halting viruses and cyber attacks
  • Use legacy machines without the concern of them being affected by data problems
  • Meet critical controls to become compliant and bid on defense contracts
  • Safeguard your company’s IP

Join TechSolve’s IIoT and Cybersecurity experts as they deep dive into the digital thread and illustrate how data flows across your operations. During the discussion they’ll identify where your data is the most vulnerable, and how you can securely collect data across business and manufacturing operations.

Primary Topics:

  • The benefits of End-to-End Traceability
  • Standardized data collection best practices
  • The convergence of OT + IT
  • Cyber vulnerabilities in your busines and on your shop floor



Dr. Radu Pavel, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Engineer at TechSolve

Rob Longfellow, Director of IIoT Solutions at TechSolve

Glen Nesbit, Cybersecurity Program Manager at TechSolve


Radu Pavel, Ph.D

VP, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Engineer at TechSolve

Rob Longfellow

Director of IIoT Solutions at TechSolve

Glen Nesbit

Cybersecurity Program Manager at TechSolve


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Navigating Cybersecurity Summit

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Join us on Wednesday, March 16th from Noon – 5:30 PM at TechSolve (6705 Steger Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45237) for our Navigating Cybersecurity Summit. In this half-day event, many topics will be covered including access to lower insurance premiums, opportunities to bid on government contracts, and managing the right cybersecurity talent and tools. Attendees will also learn about the financial benefits and competitive gains that companies can leverage by proactively investing in cybersecurity.

Company owners, c-suite executives, HR Managers, IT managers, databases administrators, and anyone else in your manufacturing network who wishes to arm themselves against today’s cybersecurity threats are encouraged to attend. Lunch will be provided during our cybersecurity celebrity keynote and the event will be followed by a networking happy hour.

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