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Machine Monitoring and MTConnect® Solutions
Improve the productivity of your business by 20-60%!



MiniViz® is a PC-based monitoring and data gathering solution specifically designed to meet the needs of small manufacturers who are just entering the world of remote equipment monitoring. As an MTConnect® standards-based tool, MiniViz® overcomes common barriers of fuller-featured monitoring products through its effectiveness, simplicity, and low cost. MiniViz® features include:

  • Displays of machine status and recent history with informative dashboards
  • Purchasable online and user installable
  • Connect, display, and record information from up to 12 machines simultaneously
  • No server required – which means no ongoing maintenance by the system provider!

Please note these minimum requirements for installation:

     1. Machines and other devices connected to the company network (wired or wireless)

        • MTConnect® 'Native' that provides the standard MTConnect® XML output


        • MTConnect® Adapter for machine compatible with MTConnect® Agent (available from TechSolve)

     2. Windows-based computer (PC) XP or later

     3. Microsoft .NET 4.0 or later